Saturday, June 4, 2011

My "Other" Love

This is my sweet baby - Fluffers. I was really being funny when I named her and I wasn't going to stick with it, but it kind of did stick. I mean, I named her sister Fat Head. Anyways, I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she was so soft and fluffy. I love her :)

YES, I bought her a sweater, and YES, she hated it. I did it mostly because she is a long hair cat and she sheds so bad. The sweater actually helps with the hair. Plus, she looks so cute in it. She does not wear it anymore. I think she punished me for making her wear it - she never came to me anymore and when I talked to her, she would look at me like I was stupid, and turn her back to me and just sit there. She knew what she was doing and as you can see from the pic, she was doing it to me at that very moment.

When I studied my Anatomy, she was ALWAYS trying to get in on the action. I don't know why. If I was studying for my Nutrition class, she wanted nothing to do with me. But Anatomy, she was all on me. She just took it upon herself to lay on my workbook while I was writing in it.

I just put this one on here because it is one of my favs. She looks gorgeous and she knows it.

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