Monday, July 11, 2011

Radiology, Cheerleading, and Phil Collins

My daughter has been begging me to sign her up for cheerleading this year. I caved in and said yes. When I went to the town Civic Center to sign her up, I saw a lady working there that was there when I was in high school. Funny that she remembered me because it has been quite a while since I have seen her. She told me she could never forget me because she remembered that I used to sneak in the tanning beds with Joci (my BFF) and that she always knew I was doing it. I had forgotten about that and I laughed. Anyways, she told me that the B team did not have a cheer coach yet and that they had to have one. She insisted I do it. First off - I was in colorguard in high school and I HATED cheerleaders (no offense to those of you who were one!). But, me being the sweet and caring person I am, said sure, I'll do it. Little did I know how much work had to be done. I was told I was in charge of choosing uniforms, making a dance for the competition (EEK!), fundraisers and practice. Wow. At least my daughter is happy. She is finally a cheerleader and she thinks she is the coolest kid in town (and she is) because her mom is HER cheer coach. She has no clue how terrified and nervous I am.

I got my acceptance letter in the mail the other day! I was accepted into the Radiologic Technology program at my college! I was so nervous because I have heard so much how hard it is to get into this program. Plus, they only allow 25 students a year into the program, and this year they cut it down to 24 students. I am so excited and glad I made the cut! I went to orientation and I have tons to do before I can even be cleared to select my classes! I am going to be so busy these next few months, but I am VERY ready!

On a much different topic, I thought I would share with you guys a huge love in my life (other than my family and friends). And that would be Phil Collins. I mean, what is not to love? Those eyes, that face, that voice! Seriously, this man could cuss me out in the worst way possible as long as he sang as he did it. I LOVE his music and I have been a fan for years. Most people that know me do know this and they all laugh at me. But, I care not!!

I hope you guys have a great week!

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