Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before and After Pics

Me, stuffing my face. I think this was in 2004 and I was my biggest - 258 lbs.
Again, 2004 at 258 lbs. Nothing about this picture is good except for my little ladybug :)
I took this pic last Thursday. I am going on a field trip with Em. I am 173 lbs. here.
I don't have very many pics of myself when I was bigger. I avoided pictures as much as I could. It is very hard to see myself like that. These are crap quality, but you get the idea. I am still not a goal, but I know I am closer now than I have ever been!


  1. Holy hard work lady!!! Great job!!! When I read the title of your blog I was like, what? What does that mean?? So clever! I'm am just super impressed and inspired by you!! Awesome!