Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trail Running

Yesterday, me and Em walked/ran on the trail in our town. I love it! It is very quiet and I go in the mornings, so there aren't too many people on it. Running helps me with more than just losing weight. It helps me relax and clear my head and sometimes, it even calms me down when I am upset or mad about something. I tell people that running is like my Prozac - not only does it keep me sane, it doesn't cost me anything!

Em is out of school for the summer so I told her she would have to join me on my runs. She was excited and I was surprised. I mean, just the other day I wanted us to go ride bikes and after 5 minutes, she stopped and told me her butt hurt and her legs were burning. I was like are you serious?! She is 7 and should blow me out of the water as far as not getting tired. Kids are so lazy these days! Anyways, we started walking and she starts swinging her arms like crazy. I asked her, "What are you doing?" She then stopped and looked at me like I was the dummy and said, "Umm, I'm power walking." It was so funny. Well, maybe you just had to be there. Later on, while I was running, for some crazy reason, she took her shoe off. She then carries it with her and starts "power walking" with one shoe on. As soon as I turned to her to tell her to put it back on, she scrubbed her big toe on the pavement and blood starting pouring out. Now, either I am a really dedicated runner or just a mean mom, but either way, I told her to keep walking. Hey, I was only 3 minutes from being fnished for the day, don't judge. Today, I really wanted to get in an extra run and she said she didn't want to bring her bike, so I immediately think of ways I could get her to go, without hurting herself. I looked around my house, and see it - a wheelchair!She can wheel herself around while I run. I am so amazingly smart I think to myself. We ended up not going due to crappy tornado weather we have been having lately. (p.s. - I am terrified of storms!)

Off subject, I want to mention a great blog that you should go read NOW! Amanda is so sweet and I absolutely love stalking, err, reading her blog.
Go check her out at 5 miles Past Empty. And, she has an awesome giveaway going on right now!

Hope you guys have a great day! (all 2 of you!)

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