Sunday, May 22, 2011

First. Blog. Ever.

This is my first blog! My 7 yr old daughter came up to me the other day and told me I looked like I was shrinking. I said what?! She responded by telling me that I wasn't "chubby" anymore. So, I decided to use that for the title of my blog. I have been thinking about starting one for a while. I read so many amazing blogs, and I know they won't be as awesome as those. But, that's ok to me.
First off, I am Heather, from Alabama. I am married (a year in August!) and I have a daughter, Emily. I will more than likely talk alot about her ALOT. She says and does stuff that just amazes me. Everyone calls her my "mini-me". She is alot like me, which can be bad sometimes. Anyways, I am still in college (after 7 years you ask? well, I hit alot of road bumps). I have taken every single class I can possibly take, other than History because the last time I took it, I had to drop it due to the 20-something average I had. So, me and history - do not work. I really want to go in to Radiology, but I hear so many things about how hard it is to get in. They only accept 25 students a year!! Very competitive field. I also applied to Nursing for back-up. I will find out my fate in 2 weeks for both of these! Keep your fingers crossed for me please!
Now, other than the love I have for my family, there is one other huge love in my life - health/fitness/nutrition. I have also taken tons of classes on these and I loved them! I have even thought about changing my major to something in that field.
Before my daughter was born, I was wearing 6/8 size pants. After, I got up to 258 lbs! I worked out and joined Weight Watchers and got down to 180. Within the past 2 years, I went back up to 220 lbs (eek!!). It finally hit me and I decided for good to stick with this. I am now down to 172 lbs. I'm happy, but I'm still not at my goal. So, I did this blog to hold myself accountable and believe it will help with the journey. I am running again, and I LOVE it! I ran my first 5K last December and I sucked. But, it's ok. I didn't know the course was going to have tons of hills. I finished it though, and I was happy with that. I plan on being more prepared this year to run it.
If anyone is reading this, sorry for the rambling. I always did get in trouble in school for talking. I hope you come back for more :)

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